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Year: 2019 | Month: April | Volume 10 | Issue 1

Research Trends in English Writing Skills: Analysis, Insights and Reflections

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English writing skill is one of the most important skills of English language as it is an integral part of life and the social need of the contemporary society. Today it is considered to be every individual’s need to master English writing skill because it helps in assessing ones progress made individually, socially, culturally, philosophically, scientifically and through all sorts of behavioural activities. Though English writing skill was not the one which was on limelight in India since decades and not mentioned by any educational committees explicitly, yet there were few references made about the importance of writing skills by few educational commissions and reports such as NCF, (2005) and NCERT Synthesis report, (2012). These reports emphasised in inculcating English writing skills as an integral part of the curriculum by teaching this skill using different methods of teaching and appropriate instructional materials. Though there had been drastic changes in the text books, syllabus, curriculum and teaching methodologies from time to time, yet there found no much changes in the teaching and learning method of the English writing skills. During every time frame there were scholars and researchers who showcased the underlying negligence shown towards this skill in their various studies, yet teaching of writing skills found no much changes. Hence, this paper is a sincere effort to reflect on the trends in the English writing skills to identify the reasons for the low attainment of the learners in writing skills that has been hindering learners to master proficiency in English.

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