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Year: 2019 | Month: August | Volume 10 | Issue 2

Ph.D. in Information Assurance: An Indian Context—A Policy Framework Based on UGC Regulation



Information Assurance is an emerging field in Information Technology related subjects and responsible for the privacy and security. Information Assurance is broad and interdisciplinary than Information security, Information Technology security. And IT Security consist with few areas viz. areas of Web Security, Database Security, Network security and latest Cloud Security, Mobile Security, Multimedia Repository Security etc. The theories as well as practice of collection, organization, assuring and managing of information and knowledge are the core of Information Assurance field. Information Assurance deals with two sides viz. technological and manual information security and privacy solutions. Information Assurance is dedicated to the uses, processing, storage, and transformation of information with proper practice and principles. Information Assurance as a field of study available in developed countries. In United States itself it is available as Certificate, Diploma to Bachelors, Masters Program and even Doctoral Program. In US and many western countries availability of super specialty areas program i.e. the emerging and sub field of IT become common and important. Similar to this approach, Information Assurance is also available as a Doctoral Program. In India, academic program/ major in the sub fields and emerging areas of Information Technology is little rare and also in Doctoral program. Though the Ph.D. in Information Assurance has huge potentials. The paper highlighted the potentiality of Ph.D. in Information Assurance with model curricula based on Indian Ph.D. regulation 2016.

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