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Year: 2020 | Month: April | Volume 11 | Issue 1

Environmental Informatics and its Features, Functions and Stakeholders: A Comprehensive Overview

P.K. Paul P.S. Aithal


Environmental Informatics is an important interdisciplinary practicing field and rising in the recent past. It is the combination of Environmental Science and Information Science; and more clearly it is the applications of Information Technology in different aspects of Environment, Nature and Ecology. Information Technology applications are rising in different areas and environments and nature is no exception. There are numerous reasons in which Information Science or Informatics can be applied. And thus, indirectly in it applicable in other different areas viz. Geology, Geography, Climatology, Oceanography,Agriculture, Forestry,etc are also important stakeholders of Environmental Informatics. There are various places in which IT, Computing and similar technologies can be applied or task can be better, smoother and effective than the traditional systems. Apart from the traditional Computing and IT components many latest can get the benefits of Environmental Informatics. There are similar branches which are also alternatively useful in environmental management. This paper is a case study on Environmental Informatics including its features, types, role and stakeholders and functions, etc in brief.

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