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Year: 2020 | Month: August | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Online Education during COVID-19 and Future Concerns: Indian Perspective

Anju Gandhi Kavita Rani


An alarming event in human lives recently has been the sudden breakout of the novel corona-virus pandemic. This pandemic has made us feel that in-campus teaching can’t work in the current situation. The big shift, a shift in the use of technology which we have seen in teaching in recent times has become the trend. Thus schools have been converted into the digital space. Consequently, teachers started using different virtual platforms, social media and online meeting platforms without proper training, and institutional support. During the epidemic, education is going through different problems and unprecedented concerns. Multiple positive or negative impacts can be seen due to lockdowns which forced us to think about how we can strengthen the education system. This pandemic also exposed how we were under prepared to deal with such an emerging crisis in education. This paper highlighted the trends that emerged during the pandemic and the impact of Covid-19 on education. Also, various concerns related to online education are illustrated and suggestions for government, stakeholders, and teachers are also given.

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