Year: 2021 | Month: August | Volume 12 | Issue 2

Adaptability and Awareness of Augmented Reality in Teacher Education

Maruti Kumar Tripathy Bhujendra Nath Panda


As an emerging technology, Augmented Reality has a huge potential for the educational field. Teacher education is the root of all other professions so the current study was intended to explore the resources available in the teacher education institute and the awareness about augmented reality among the teacher educators and pre-service teachers. The data was collected by two self-developed questionnaires i.e. Resources Availability and Awareness Questionnaire for Pre-Service Teacher & Resources Availability and Awareness Questionnaire for Teacher Educator, the result revealed that the teacher education institutes of Odisha and the TEs & PSTs have adequate resources to use augmented reality in the classroom but the awareness level among them found to be very low.

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