Innovation is one thing which provides a basis of all the comforts and innovative are those minds that get the right kind of guidance and education. The EDUCATIONAL QUEST aims at highlighting the endeavors of the innovative minds and will recognize the efforts of the learned people.

Educational Quest, an international biannual journal is a journey towards success through the strategies to expand access to education, through innovation, flexibility, multimedia technological support, case studies. It helps to increase capacity and efficiency by encouraging deep learning approaches and adaptation of knowledge to the real world. It will work as a potential to be offered internationally, with a competitive mindset. This journal encourages multiple perspectives on issues, facilitates higher development learning skills, throws light on Right to education bill and open and distance learning with emphasis on ICT by reducing learner’s uncertainty during complex activities and increases learners participation in the education process. It also promotes cognitive process by enhancing social life through knowledge sharing and mutual participation, aim to encourage a shared community of knowledge that is international in scope. Teachers can be benefited by these types of journals in a variety of academic disciplines as a creative way to enrich their instructional activities.

The Contributions of the Lord Almighty can be seen through nature. Everything around us reveals the treasures, he has bestowed upon us and yet many mysteries remain unexplored. Among all his creations, only the human beings possesses the ability to further discover , rediscover, and create things of immense value for the human civilization. The EDUCATIONAL QUEST is a similar such creation which endeavors to create awareness and highlight the experiences of the learned people from varied disciplines.

Shireesh Pal Singh

Founder and Editor in chief

@Educational Quest is an International Peer-Reviewed Journa(EQ)| Printed by New Delhi Publishers

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