Research articles should have

  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords (4-5)
  • Running Title
  • Introduction
  • Data Base and Methodology
  • Results and Discussion
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgements(if any)
  • References
  • Tables
  • Figures (if any)


A Manuscript submitted to Educational Quest will be gone through review procedure for possible publication considering that it is submitted to one journal at a time and have submitted to other journal simultaneously, have not been published or accepted for publication in other journals either in part or full.

The journal welcomes the following types of contributions:

  • 1. Original Research Articles
  • 2. Review articles, providing a comprehensive review on a scientific topic.
  • 3. Short Communications: self-contained articles on ongoing research or reporting interesting, possibly tentative, ideas or comments on previously published research.
  • 4. Technical Notes.

  • NOTE: Manuscript without proper formatting according to EQ style will not be process for publication.


Original research papers/articles should describe new and carefully confirmed findings and research methods adopted should be given in sufficient detail for others to verify the work. The length of an original paper/article must be optimum with the purpose to describe and interpret the work clearly. The presentation of papers should contain headings such as Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, etc. Submissions of reviews, articles and perspectives covering topics of current interest are also welcome and encouraged.


Title: The title should be centered across the top of the first page and should have a distinctive font of 14 point, Times New Roman. It should be in a bold font and in lower case with initial capitals.

(Title)Author Guide for Preparing a Paper for Educational Quest

First-Name Last-Name1*, First-Name Last-Name2 and First-Name Last-Name3

1*University Department, University Name, City, State ZIP/Zone, Country

2 University Departments, University Name, City, State ZIP/Zone, Country

3 University Department, University Name, City, State ZIP/Zone, Country


Authors’ Names and Addresses: The authors’ names and addresses should be on left below the title.hese lines should be 10 points in Times New Roman.


The abstract should summarize the content of the paper written in complete and simple sentence should not be more than 250 words. Do not have references or displayed equations in the abstract. It is imperative that the margins and style described below be adhered to carefully (12 point, Times New Roman).


This is a list important terms relevant to the content of paper. Up to 6-7 key words should be listed at the bottom of abstract to be used as index terms.

(Keywords: Must be given, and these should appear just beneath the abstract. From 6-7 keywords should follow the abstract (as a subheading: Key words).- (12 point, Times New Roman)

1. Introduction and Main Body: - (12 point, Times New Roman)

2. Results and Conclusions: - (12 point, Times New Roman)


Beginning with a new page, it should be well explained but must be limited to the statement of the problem/objectives and aims of the experiments with brief review of literature pertaining to the type of work.


Relevant details should be given including experimental design and the technique (s) used along with appropriate statistical methods used clearly along with the year of experimentation (field and laboratory).


It should include important findings discussed briefly. Wherever necessary, elaborate on the tables and figures without repeating their contents. Interpret the findings in view of the results obtained in this and in past studies on this topic. State the conclusions in a few sentences at the end of the paper. However, valid coloured photographs can also be published.


The conclusion of a research paper needs to summarize the content and purpose of the paper without seeming too wooden or dry. Every basic conclusion should share several key elements.


All people who have made a genuine contribution and who endorse the data and conclusion(s) may be included. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to use any copyrighted text and/or illustration.


Important note: If article has a DOI number, then it must be written after cite, after dots. ITS NECESSARY!!!!.

Note: DOI number must be written in format:

DOI number you can find on

Standard Format for Journal Articles: Author Surname Initials. Title of article. Title of journal, abbreviated. Date of Publication: Volume Number(Issue Number): Page Numbers.

For standard journal abbreviations, please below link:


Journal Article from a Website

 Tasdemir T, Yesilyurt C, Ceyhanli KT, Celik D, Er K. Evaluation of apical filling after root canal filling by 2 different techniques. J Can Dent Assoc [Internet]. 2009 Apr [cited 2009 Jun 14];75(3):[about 5pp.]. Available from:

Journal Article from an Online Database

Erasmus S, Luiters S, Brijlal P. Oral hygiene and dental student’s knowledge, attitude and behaviour in managing HIV/AIDS patients. Int J Dent Hyg [Internet]. 2005 Nov [cited 2009 Jun 16];3(4):213-7. Available from Medline: cmedm&AN=16451310&site=ehost-live

Standard Format for Books

Author Surname Initials. Title: subtitle. Edition (if not the first). Place of publication: Publisher; Year.

Book with One Author or Editor

Mason J. Concepts in dental public health. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; 2005. 2. Ireland R, editor. Clinical textbook of dental hygiene and therapy. Oxford: Blackwell Munksgaard; 2006.

For Journal articles Author(s), year. Title. Journal name (abbreviated and italic), volume number (bold) (Issue Number in Bracket): page-page.

Rudakiya, D., and Pawar, K. 2014. Bioremediation potential of Comamonas acidovorans MTCC 3364 for the removal of sulfonated di-azo dye Reactive Black B. Int. J of Agriculture, Environment & Biotechnology, 7:525-535..

Chapter in a book

Alexander RG. Considerations in creating a beautiful smile. In: Romano R, editor. The art of the smile. London: Quintessence Publishing; 2005. p. 187-210.


Irfan A. Protocols for predictable aesthetic dental restorations [Internet]. Oxford: Blackwell Munksgaard; 2006 [cited 2009 May 21]. Available from Netlibrary: v=1&bookid=181691

Standard Format for Websites

Author Surname Initials (if available). Title of Website [Internet]. Place of publication: Publisher; Date of First Publication [Date of last update; cited date]. Available from: URL

Newspaper Articles

Fayerman P. Women must now wait to 40 for publicly paid amnio test. Vancouver Sun. 2009 Jun 9; Sect. A:5.

Note: Proof-correction should be in red ink; in the margins. All queries marked in the article should be answered. Proofs are supplied for a check-up of the correctness of type-setting and facts. Excessive alteration may be charged to the authors. The proofs should be returned within 7 Working days.

Gallery Proofs

Galley proofs would be sent unless indicated otherwise to the corresponding author. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that the galley proof is to be returned without delay (within 1 week) with correction (if any). The authors are responsible for the contents appeared in their published manuscripts. Authors are also responsible for obtaining written permission to use any copyrighted text and/or illustration.


Covering letter

  • • Signed by all contributors
  • • Source of funding mentioned
  • • Conflicts of interest disclosed

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