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Year: 2020 | Month: August | Volume 11 | Issue 2

Benefits of Co-curricular and Extracurricular Activities to the Marginalized Children: Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions

Bollam Karunakar


This article explores co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and benefits in Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions. This paper describes the activities and benefits to students against the background of acquisition of skills for the 21st century. Teachers and students of residential schools are working day and night with a dedication to catapult the Society to the global map within six years. The society schools carved a niche for itself by its seamless experimentation and syncing with the emerging trends in the education space. The Residential schools are committed for the overall social, physical, educational and emotional well-being of the students. TSWREIS has brought out the academic calendar with a comprehensive framework on curricular and Co-Curricular and student-centric programs. Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activity may have an important role to play in the health and well-being of students. Many new academic programs, both co-curricular and extra-curricular activities were incorporated into the academic calendar and promoting a unique teaching and learning environment which empowers students. The residential campus life is vibrant, and the students benefit from a comprehensive range of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The Society has introduced programs like Saturday Clubs, Language, DEAR Time, Diary Writing, Mirror project, Healthy Tuesdays, DEAP Time, Dramatics, Mock Programs, School garage, Community Out Reach Programs, Swatch Saturday, School museum, Moot Court, Mock Election and Youth Parliament. This study adopted a descriptive survey method to analyze the data collected through interviews and questionnaires from teachers and students and found there is a significant development in education achievement, cultural values and personality development.

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