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About the Journal

Educational Quest-An International Journal of Education and Applied Social Science, is published thrice in a year, by New Delhi Publishers. It invites Unpublished an original research papers, articles, case studies, book reviews, PhD thesis reviews, summaries and reports, campus news, proceedings of seminars/Conferences/Workshops etc. You can directly send your research work through our online submission process
Educational Quest is a Peer-Reviewed Journal
All the authors are requested to check the originality of their articles before submitting it to Educational Quest. In case, any article is found to be Duplicate submission, fabricated data, cut and paste (Plagiarised), at ANY STAGE of processing of your article, following actions will be taken:
Rejection of the article
If the conduct is found to be grossly unacceptable i.e. submission of duplicate articles, the author will be blacklisted in Educational Quest and other NDP Journals 
Letter of conduct will be posted to the Head/Director of the department from where the study was conducted.
List of blacklisted authors will be shared amongst the Chief Editors of other Indian Journals

Aim and Scope

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About the Association( AAEB)

Association of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology which is a Non-profit Organization and has been registered under Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, India whose objectives are to advance and improve the quality of Education and unite researchers in the field of Agriculture, Environment, Horticulture and many more. It is devoted to inform the Government and the public opinion of progresses in all aspects of agricultural sciences, being it at national or international levels, as well as to facilitate exchanges between scientists of various disciplines. Its scope encompasses agriculture, livestock raising, fishing, and sea farming, but also food and industrial products, machinery, environment, rural lifeā€¦as to their scientific, technical, legal, political and social aspects.

  • Section 1 : Crop science
  • Section 2 : Horticulture
  • Section 3 : Animal production
  • Section 4 : Social sciences
  • Section 5 : Basic Sciences
  • Section 6 : Natural Resources
  • Section 7 : Agriculture Industry
  • Section 8 : Agricultural and rural economy and policies

Current Issue's

Contents Vol. 10, No. 1, April 2019
The Role of Diet, Ethics and Behavior for Character Development
Research Trends in English Writing Skills: Analysis, Insights and Reflections More


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