Year: 2021 | Month: August | Volume 12 | Issue 2

Perception of Teachers and Resource Persons Towards Utkarsha: An Analysis

Swatirasmi Rout Abhaya Parida


The changing scenario of education is demanding quality in all aspects at all level of learning improving both teachers’ and students’ performance level to an extent so that they can accumulate, adapt and address the global changes directing towards education. Education at secondary level being a transition period of education and an era of addressing new challenges, the quality factor has become essential. Teachers acting as a catalyst to boost the performance of students through training with new knowledge and skills. An attempt has been made through this study to explore about an in-service training programme of Odisha meant for secondary education which aims to improve the learning level of students by training the teachers for each subject. Following a descriptive survey design with a sample of 40 teachers and 5 resource persons involved in the training programme, the study has been undertaken to find out the perception regarding the professional development which is the alternate aim of the programme. Mixed method approach has been followed to analyse the data collected through a questionnaire and an interview schedule. The study found a positive response towards the programme in the aspect of professional development but some constraints like lack of time, improper planning and supervision are found creating hinderance in the success of the programme. Further studies in a comparative approach with other innovative programme as well as evaluative study on the programme from all participants’ perspective are recommended.

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